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How to Write the Menu Description

Write the Menu Description

Do you know how to write the menu descriptions? Menu descriptions are the most important thing for increasing your market. While writing, you need to remember one thing, your menu descriptions should be read by the guests who are all walking through the door. The descriptions should be filled with the list of food items […]

Soft Opening vs. Grand Opening

Soft Opening

Have you heard about the soft opening and grand opening? There are having a variety of differences between the soft opening and grand opening. A soft opening is nothing but opening a restaurant with a minimum number of relatives and special guests at first. The aim of the soft opening restaurants is mainly to check […]

Things to Know Before Hiring a Restaurant Chef

Hiring a Restaurant Chef

How to hire a restaurant chef? The customers come to restaurants with many expectations. Most of them expect the quality of the food should be good while compared with the service, price and menu variety. This is all only depends upon the chef in your restaurant. You must be more careful before going to hire […]