Tips to Know about Dessert plating techniques

Have you heard about the dessert plating technique? Dessert plating is nothing but an arrangement of one or more elements. The elements included in the plating like ice creams, meringues, sorbets and mousses, cake layers, dessert sauces, pastry cream, and dough. These elements are mainly used for presentation purposes.

If you want to add an extra taste and flavor to your food means, the food presentation is the most essential thing. Most of the peoples taste the food only by the way the food arranged on the plate.

Some of the tasty foods items are arranged with neat presentations to help you to attract the people’s eyes easily. Let see further information about the dessert plating technique:

Techniques used in the plating:

The important component need not be centered; you can also place it in slightly offset. Plating styles will not stable, it is constantly changing due to innovative ideas of modern cooks and chefs.

Nowadays, the number of modern dessert plating tips is available to attract the people’ eyes.

Dessert plating techniques

Choose the perfect plate:

The food presentation can be easily attracted by using the contrast plate color. Some of the things you have to be considered.

You have to choose the right plate for food presentation. Think yourself as an artist; consider your plate and food as a canvas and medium. Initially, you need to select the right plate size. Your food should be properly placed on the plate.

The second thing is, to choose the apt plate color to decorate your food items. The color of your plate should be more important while serving. Better you have to give high preference to the white color plate, it will you to provide high contrast and colorful reactions.

Placing your ingredients:

You have to set a clock in your mind. While presenting your food items on the plate you have to face a clock. The protein food items should be facing like 3 and 9, carbohydrate or starch food items should be placed like 9 and 12 and finally the vegetables like 12 and 3. When arranging the food items in plating, you have to think from the dinner’s point of view.

Your arrangements should add extra flavor to your food items. This is the important role played in the dessert presentation techniques.

dessert presentation techniques

Awareness to the details:

You have to pay more attention to the details, after the arrangements of plating. The best secrets for making your plate more beautiful are close attention to the details.

You have to consider the plate color and the contrast color of the food items present in the plate. If you want to catch the guest’ eyes, you have to improve the height of your plate. This is one of the simple techniques used in the plating dessert for presentation.

Designs created with sauces:

If you place all the ingredients properly in your plate, you have to decorate the dishes with delicious sauces. Just pour the sauces all over the plate carelessly. It will add some extra color combination to your plate.

These are all the techniques used in the dessert plating. Follow this instruction if you want to make your food items more highlight.